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Training is done through a series of videos below. Click on the grey section title to jump to lessons you need.

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PDF for SharePoint Add-in

Steps to use

  1. Install the App into your SharePoint site.
  2. Find the fields from your List that you would like to populate into a PDF form.
  3. Create a PDF form and name the fields you would like to pre-populate exactly like the names of the fields in your List.
  4. Upload your PDF form to your PDFforSharePoint account.
  5. Copy the form ID from your account into the Available PDF Templates List in SharePoint.

Select A Video Below

Learn How To Install The PDFforSharePoint App Into SharePoint:
Installing PDFforSharePoint

Learn How To Build A PDF Form With Fields From A SharePoint List:
Build a PDF for use with

Learn How To Upload A PDF Form And Copy The Form ID To The PDF for SharePoint App:
Upload a PDF to

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